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Imperial Challenge 2017

    THE IMPERIAL CHALLENGE 2017 - It's a pseudo-triathlon, Breckenridge style, that started 26 years ago with a bunch of locals who wanted a low-key, fun, tough challenge to celebrate the beginning of spring.   Bike/Run. Hike. Ski. 10K ride or run from the...

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Finding my way to the other side of Fear

    Finding my way to the other side of Fear is a New Year's goal for me.  I woke up early this morning and looked out the window. It was a rare, clear view of the mountain with a brilliant moon and dazzling little snowcat lights crawling like ants on the trails.  It...

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Ullr Bike 2017

Ullr Bike 2017!  Six feet of snow has fallen in Breckenridge, CO since the beginning of December.  It's a glorious thing for our little ski town and ideal for all of the winter sports, well, except for maybe Fat Biking.  Fat Bikers like the snow solid and packed.  If...

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I feel lucky

I feel lucky. Lucky in the sense of where I live and the people that surround me. We just witnessed an election that will, no doubt, will be one for the history books. It spotlighted a division in our country that makes me sad. When I am sad, to dig myself out, I focus on what makes me happy.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Rome!

The top 6 reasons to live in Rome. I daydream about living abroad, a lot, and Rome, Italy is at the top of my fantasy list. I want to live in Rome at some point in my life.

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Escape Breck: Monarch Crest Trail

“How about we ride the Monarch Crest Trail this weekend?” I had suggested on Thursday morning. I should have been suspicious when, without hesitation and within minutes, my boyfriend had a shuttle booked and a YetiBeti SB5c rented for me. Whoaa!

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The Imperial Challenge 2016

The Imperial Challenge – locals and visitors love this pseudo triathlon challenge. It’s a low-key community challenge, but with good energy and camaraderie. Congrats to all the racers for suffering the challenges of the day with focus, strength and laughter.

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5 lovely things I found without technology

5 lovely things I found without technology … I find that I am more Introspective when unplugged. I will sometimes journal, but mostly I digest the stream of information, sights and sounds and then thoughtfully sift through my thoughts and feelings of the moments. I am witness to my attractions and aversions.

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Find your Life’s Purpose …

Its time to leave behind our society's expectations and find out who you are, and what your purpose is ... The Art of Simple


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