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Hey There! Thank you for your interest in Climbbetty and for taking the time to learn more about Climbbetty. was created 8 years ago and was originally intended as nothing more than a creative outlet for personal projects, but has since evolved into a boutique Creative Media company helping small business owners with creative projects.

I am just like you, making my way in this adventure called life. I needed to mix it up a bit and got serious about web design, photography and video.  With a little creativity, a lot of hard work, some fun, sports and travel Climbbetty has evolved.

This website is dedicated to my wonderful daughters & adventure partner, Jeff, who inspire me. They make me laugh, cry, shake my head in wonder and give me the confidence to “put myself out there” (which is no easy task). My family & friends and, yes, you are my ROCK and have made me what I am.

I am dedicated and appreciate the Climb. The trail climb on a mountain bike or on a run.  The climb to make each and every day something special and make myself better. I hope you enjoy Climbbetty and get a bit of inspiration for yourself, your day and your business.

Enjoy the climb,
Courtney Kenady

A few of our best clients ..

Maverick Sports Promotions
Allstar Mechanical
Breck bike Guides
Hampton entertainment
Spruce Valley Rance